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If you’ve been by the studio lately you’ve had a peek at some of our new samples. We are still waiting on more to arrive. These are our exclusive products that the average non-photographer cannot purchase.

There are minor changes that we’ve made and we hope that you take the time and ask any and all questions you may have.

We were able to take a step back and focus on why we started 10+ years ago on our own. We were the only photographers around this area except for 2 studios (1 in Tobaccoville & 1 in King) and 1 other photographer that photographed outdoor sessions only, like we did.
Over the years in the studio, the industry has grown rapidly and we’ve continuously tried to keep up with what works during the time, what other photographers are offering and what families want.

We want to get back what we had, and that was staying true to what we enjoyed and how we photographed. We love what we do and with the rapid growth of technology, some have lost that desire to print and display their sessions – the loved ones. We hope we can bring that joy back into your homes.

We have also brought back our Newborn Sessions. We will still operate as the same posed newborn photography. We photograph these together and have poured many hours into posed newborn education, safety and proper posing.

We hope you will appreciate the new additional service we have added to our business and hope that we can add timeless tangible memories into your home for you to enjoy and for generations to look back on.

The price guide is posted on our website under the investment tab.

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